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Buy the Toughest and the Most Powerful together for a great Price!

The Darkfin Power Glove

The finest, high-performance water propulsion and paddle glove on the planet! Period.

We love this planet, and we love our oceans, thats why every set of gloves is hand made with 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Materials. 

This is the original webbed glove, handmade and purpose built to enhance your aquatic sports experience. Used by World Surfing League champions, Guinness World Record divers, pioneers of whitewater river boarding, and thousands of freedivers, surfers, scuba enthusiasts, snorkelers, swimmers, and kayakers the world over. It’s like nothing you’ve ever used before, even if you’ve used other webbed gloves! What makes a Darkfin Power Glove paddle power so superior to the competition? Three main features:

Nano Cellular Bonding Process 
Like other products made by Black Lagoon, the entire glove, including the webbing, is made from 100% true natural latex. Why latex? It gives Darkfin Gloves several advantages: Ultra-thin, .9mil “second skin” fit to keep water out, natural biodegradability (we hate beach and ocean trash too), and most importantly; it’s what allowed us to develop our exclusive Nano Cellular Bonding process. Nano Cellular Bonding - or NCB - is how we attach the webbing to the glove. It allows for a seamless, non-adhesive bonding at the cellular level, resulting in no structural weak points like a conventional stitched or glued on web.

3-D Webbing Profile
By using our Nano Cellular Bonding process we’re able to affix the webbing to the back of the glove to create the only 3-D web profile in the business. This exclusive design allows for a whopping 70% increase in surface area compared to using your bare hand for propulsion! Since the 3-D webbing is made of latex and bonded to the glove, it’s able to move with your fingers allowing you to vary the resistance level of the glove. This makes the Darkfin Power glove visibly and mechanically superior to gloves that use either injection molding or adhesive to connect the webbing between the fingers only.

Cotton Flocked Finish
One of the most inconvenient aspects of wearing gloves is the loss of dexterity. Manipulating small mechanical parts can be cumbersome, achieving and maintaining a solid grip challenging, and forget about tactile feedback. Not with Darkfin Gloves! We start with an ultra thin latex glove for maximum sensitivity and then add our exclusive Cotton Flock Finish to the entire surface of the glove. The cotton fibers embed themselves in the latex - and when activated with water - provide superb grip.

Finally, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Hands are a lot like feet and 3 sizes won’t fit everyone. Darkfin Power Gloves are offered in an industry leading 12 different sizes! We make gloves to fit the most petite female hands, to beefy lumberjack paws. We’ve even got a few for the kids as well! No water propulsion glove manufacturer offers more sizes than Darkfin. Made in USA

Tip: If you're concerned about water entering the glove at the wrist, we recommend trying the next size down. The glove is supposed to fit tight but not uncomfortable!

Protect your new Darkfin Gloves with Darkfin Silicone Spray 


The Darkfin Durafin Glove


  • 3 layer manufacturing process (Darkfin uses 2)

  • Fingers and Palm have added thickness to handle harsh treatment

  • Longer sleve in order to fit under or over a wetsuit

  • Slightly increase in thermal resistance

  • Lightweight, won't absorb water and get heavy.

  • Superior grip when wet

  • Contoured 3-D shape for ultimate comfort and dexterity

  • Enjoyed by surfers, divers, kayakers and swimmers worldwide!

  • Increases hand surface by 70%


  • The third layer may "feel" like there is a slight loss of dexterity as opposed to the Darkfin Power Glove

  • The longer sleeve might take some time to adjust as you put the glove on. 


The toughest, most extreme paddle glove we offer!
Take everything ground-breaking about our standard Darkfin Power Glove and ratchet it up a few notches and you have the Durafin. More durability, more protection, and enhanced thermal insulation make this the ideal choice for the most demanding environments. Durafins are particularly well-suited to river boarding, spearfishing, bugging (lobstering) and wreck diving, where the balance between propulsion, dexterity, and protection must be considered. There are a few key differences that make the Durafin a separate design of its own:
Multi-Layered Construction
The biggest difference between our standard Darkfin Power Glove and the Durafin Power Glove is in the construction. We start with a standard, .9mill natural latex base layer, add a second .9mil latex layer from the wrist up only, and then coat it with a third micro thin layer of latex infused with fine cotton fiber! This triple layer process produces a Darkfin glove with excellent environmental resistance characteristics (including colder temps), while still allowing for maximum grip and overall manual dexterity.
Extended Gauntlet Design
Durafin Power Gloves were designed from the ground up to be used in conjunction with a wetsuit. For enhanced wetsuit compatibility and performance, we gave the Durafin an elongated gauntlet to facilitate a maximum seal under the sleeve of your wetsuit. Not using a wetsuit? you’ll appreciate the added wrist and arm protection the Durafin provides. 
Just like our Darkfin Power Gloves, the Durafin is also offered in a wide variety of sizes for best fit and performance. If you’re already using Darkfin Power Gloves, some users suggest ordering one size larger than your current glove. Like other great products made by Black Lagoon, this glove is Made in USA"

PLEASE NOTE: Some users suggest to Go Up one size from your normal size or the Size Charts


NOTE: Chlorine water will affect the gloves

All our products are handmade with plant based materials that are 100% biodegradable. Every batch might be slightly different than the next. Although we try to be very strict with our quality control, some defects might go unnoticed and could make it through to the consumer. Please email us regarding any concerns you might have regarding issues such as layer separation, boils, or pin holes in the product. To extend the life of our products, store them in a Ziploc bag with some baby powder or our silicone spray. Please also note that if you leave or forget your gloves under sunlight they will begin to decompose rapidly.



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26 Reviews

Stephano Marchesi Mar 7th 2019

Amazing Gloves

Amazing gloves. I use them all the time. I use them for my own water training exercises. My favourite exercise equipment

Kimberly G. May 15th 2018

Run BIG!

I wear a size 8 glove and got the Womens Large, but it was too big. If you get the right size I'm sure they are great, although taking them off is a pain. The sizing chart is a little misleading so be careful and order a size smaller then you expect.

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