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Silicone lubricant spray works great when used as an anti-friction aid to help apply Darkfin Gloves, products and wetsuits. Just spray a small amount on your hands or skin and spread with a rubbing motion. It's made from food grade silicone and comes in a handy 8 oz, non-aerosol, pump spray/mist bottle. Also helps lubricate, protect and prevent corrosion and oxidation from salt water exposure on: O-rings All rubber products Vinyl products Zippers And metal products. Use Darkfin Silicone Spray to protect all the other great products made by Black Lagoon.


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William Balderston Dec 8th 2018

Makes your neoprene, rubber etc. last a lot longer.

I have had two pair of Darkfin gloves and YES it's totally kooky. BUT it's usually so blinking cold in Oregon water that you have to wear gloves and Darkfins thin Neoprene layer gloves substantial thermal protection without any loss of sensation. I don't like losing the tactile feel when I wear 2MM Ripcurl gloves. Not to mention it does give you a notable edge when paddling. This silicone spray makes the gloves tougher, last longer, and go on a lot easier. It's food grade so no odor and you can eat it if your a weirdo.

R. Street Dec 8th 2018

Food grade

Food grade, can't get much better. Take it with you on dive trips. Makes the booties much easier to get on.

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