Darkfin & Shortweb Combo

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Save some cash when you buy one pair of standard

Darkfins and pair of the New Shortweb Gloves.


PLEASE NOTE you must order the same size in both pairs.



Reviews (61)

Kimberly G. May 15th 2018

Run BIG!

I wear a size 8 glove and got the Womens Large, but it was too big. If you get the right size I'm sure they are great, although taking them off is a pain. The sizing chart is a little misleading so be careful and order a size smaller then you expect.

Phototraveller May 15th 2018

Simple yet brilliant

My hands are the precise measurement for a mens small. However, listening to other reviewres, I ordered the next size down, which is the youth's large. Perfect fit except little finger is slightly short. Perhaps that's difference between a youth and a man but I'm glad I dropped a size down, you want these to be snug. I'll just live with it for now but if it aches, I'll just snip the tip of the little finger. I bought these for scuba diving, not for protection but for improving my manouverability. I've not had the chance to test in that environment but in a pool you can certainly tell the difference. You can also feel it in your shoulder muscles immediately and swimming is so different (in a very positive way)

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