Dark Archer Tactical Archery Longbow Glove

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A uniquely designed archery glove specifically designed for shelfless bows  

This one piece Longbow and recurve archery glove weighs only 1oz and is seamless, strapless, and gives maximum protection from skin piercing quills with minimal intrusion. The smooth cotton surface is quiet and gives no resistance to the arrow, improving flight and accuracy. Like other great products made by Black Lagoon, this glove is Made in USA


When choosing hand orientation pick the hand you hold your bow with.

  • Seamless, strapless for easy on off
  • Maximum protection minimal intrusion
  • One piece non-leather material
  • Stylish tactical look
  • Waterproof and stain proof

 Protect your new glove with Darkfin Silicone Spray


NOTE: All our products are handmade with plant based materials that are 100% biodegradable. Every batch might be slightly different than the next. Although we try to be very strict with our quality control, some defects might go unnoticed and could make it through to the consumer. Please email us regarding any concerns you might have regarding issues such as layer separation, boils, or pin holes in the product. To extend the life of our products, store them in a Ziploc bag with some baby powder or our silicone spray. Please also note that if you leave or forget your gloves under sunlight they will begin to decompose rapidly.


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9 Reviews

Alicia Herbaugh Dec 8th 2018

Serviceable well-made glove

This glove arrived in a shrink wrap really well sealed package. It included directions for how to put on and remove the glove as well as care for future wear. It is a rubbery latex material on the inside and the outside has a felt powdery covering of some sort. Think a bicycle inner tube type material. I followed the measurements listed on the product's direct website. When I got the glove it did go on. It is an incredibly tight fit around the wrist but on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger there is a pretty big flap of excess material. Even when shooting this material is loose. It does not get in the way of my shooting though so it definitely works. I did have to trim down the index finger some because it is entirely too long for my hand. After shooting it for over an hour I had zero damage to my hand which was an issue previously with my feather fletched arrows. Overall I would buy the glove again. I would likely speak with the customer support team though before ordering another of the same size.

‎Chattahoochee Horse Archers, Inc‎ Aug 24th 2018

Thank you again

Thank you again, Darkfin Gloves, for sponsoring the 2018 Chattahoochee Open Horseback Archery Competition.

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