Heavy Duty Bootee

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Our Most Durable Bootie for Extreme Aquatic Adventures

The most durable and warmest Split-Toe Bootee we offer, the Split-Toe HD is ready to take on the most demanding environments. Featuring all the comfort and incredible grip of our regular Split-Toe Bootee while offering a noticeable increase in thermal insulation and durability. What makes the HD Bootee so dramatically different than the standard bootee? One very important difference:

Multi-Layered Construction

The biggest difference between the standard Split-Toe Bootee and the Split-Toe HD Bootee is in the construction. We start with the same .9mill natural latex base layer, but we add a second .9Mil latex layer to the entire surface and then coat it with our exclusive Cotton Flocked Finish! This “double layering” process produces a water bootie with maximum environmental resistance characteristics, while still allowing for excellent grip. If you’re a scuba diver in particular, you’ll appreciate the extra fin irritation and abrasion resistance provided by the Split-Toe HD Bootees.

Split-Toe HD Bootees are the ideal choice for cold water surfers, paddle board surfers, deep divers, and the adventurous outdoor water explorer! 

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5 stars out of 5

New Booties

Australian Kevin on May 21st 2018
Taking these goodies to the Maldives, paddling against the tidal currents ! I love your power gloves they have given me new life !
5 stars out of 5

Great boots for water!

Kenneth B. on May 12th 2018
These are amazing for subs diving, snorkeling, and just about any other water activity. Very comfortable and tough.
5 stars out of 5


Stephen o. on May 12th 2018
They are well made and work well. They are tight for me because I have really wide feet as they were molded for someone with narrow feet. But the quality is good.
5 stars out of 5

Great Bootee for paddle board

Radim K. on May 12th 2018
Heavy duty bootee are great for paddle board, i can go almost everywhere i want.
5 stars out of 5


Elonda B. on May 12th 2018
I purchased the heavy duty bootees to replace the regular bootees that I bought 3 years ago. I'm sure that these will last even longer! Be sure to go a full size or two up from what you would normally wear! They are very thick and not as stretchy compared to the regular bootees. So, if you would normally wear a size 8-9, you will need to order the 9-10 or 10-11. Very comfortable!
5 stars out of 5

Good Product

David N. on May 12th 2018
A little difficult to get on, once on my feet they were snug and comfortable.
5 stars out of 5

Great product.

Phillip Cote on May 10th 2018
Gloves are awesome. Split toe booties take a beating! Great product.
5 stars out of 5

They are the best!

Jonathan L on May 10th 2018
Be the Creature from the Black Lagoon!
They are the best!
5 stars out of 5

Great company and great products!

Deidre Laker on May 10th 2018
Great company and great products! You won't be disappointed.
3 stars out of 5

Way too small

BRIAN H on May 10th 2018
So... I got the largest size they had, and while I have worn a size 13 in the not too distant past, I am currently wearing a size 14EE and I knew a bit of stretching was going to be in order. This is the first thing that makes me sad.. the lack of larger sizes in all DarkFin products. However.. when the size 11-12 arrived, from what I could tell, they wouldn't even fit a size 10 without some decent stretching.. I do know from experience that the XXL Gloves will stretch a bit and after a few wearings, they accommodate my XXXL (wide, not long) hands without undue discomfort. With strategic pulling, I managed to stretch the 2"+ distance to get over my heal. That wasn't too tight actually, but after a couple hours of wearing, it became evident that the right foot had a few pinch points. One was cutting the circulation of the big toe, and another was pressing on the tip of the next digit over, making a slowly growing pain there as well. The dimples on the bottom ended up sacrificing themselves to the fantastic stretching, and disappeared completely while being worn. I guess the only point I have to make here, is this. When ordering any of the DarkFin products, assume that their sizes run 1 to 2 sizes smaller than what you would normally find. XXL is like a L on me, and a size 11-12 is a 9-10 without extra stretching.
5 stars out of 5

Just Happy

RUSTY R on May 10th 2018
I enjoyed getting a chance to use these gloves I can't wait to use these more in the future.
4 stars out of 5

So I advise buying a bigger size

Cody Main on May 10th 2018
I have the booties and archery arm protector and they are awesome, but are a little small for me.( so I advise buying a bigger size)