Heavy Duty Bootee

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Our Most Durable Bootie for Extreme Aquatic Adventures

The most durable and warmest Split-Toe Bootee we offer, the Split-Toe HD is ready to take on the most demanding environments. Featuring all the comfort and incredible grip of our regular Split-Toe Bootee while offering a noticeable increase in thermal insulation and durability. What makes the HD Bootee so dramatically different than the standard bootee? One very important difference:

Multi-Layered Construction

The biggest difference between the standard Split-Toe Bootee and the Split-Toe HD Bootee is in the construction. We start with the same .9mill natural latex base layer, but we add a second .9Mil latex layer to the entire surface and then coat it with our exclusive Cotton Flocked Finish! This “double layering” process produces a water bootie with maximum environmental resistance characteristics, while still allowing for excellent grip. If you’re a scuba diver in particular, you’ll appreciate the extra fin irritation and abrasion resistance provided by the Split-Toe HD Bootees.

Split-Toe HD Bootees are the ideal choice for cold water surfers, paddle board surfers, deep divers, and the adventurous outdoor water explorer! 


NOTE: All our products are handmade with plant based materials that are 100% biodegradable. Every batch might be slightly different than the next. Although we try to be very strict with our quality control, some defects might go unnoticed and could make it through to the consumer. Please email us regarding any concerns you might have regarding issues such as layer separation, boils, or pin holes in the product. To extend the life of our products, store them in a Ziploc bag with some baby powder or our silicone spray. Please also note that if you leave or forget your gloves under sunlight they will begin to decompose rapidly.

12 Reviews

Australian Kevin May 21st 2018

New Booties

Taking these goodies to the Maldives, paddling against the tidal currents ! I love your power gloves they have given me new life !

Kenneth B. May 12th 2018

Great boots for water!

These are amazing for subs diving, snorkeling, and just about any other water activity. Very comfortable and tough.

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