Take Spearfishing & Snorkeling to the X with Darkfins

Snorkeling is a great recreational activity. You get to experience part of the adventure of diving, but without all the expensive gear and certifications that come with it. While it’s unquestionably more accessible than scuba diving, it’s not without it’s challenges. Nothing will ruin an adventurous afternoon of snorkeling faster than running out of gas. If you don’t snorkel often, or have a regular fitness regimen; even a recreational activity like snorkeling can present some issues. Weak legs can cramp from extended propulsion and your core muscles may be underdeveloped for maintaining balance. If you are an avid snorkeler, we know you’re always looking for something to make your time in the water more enjoyable.

While snorkeling, often your hands may be holding a camera or being used to manipulate objects or terrain. They may also be used to attempt to relieve the responsibility of your fins to solely propel you through the water. The problem is using your hands is inefficient as they’re not naturally designed to move our bodies through the water.

This is where Darkfin Power Gloves can help. If you’re looking to increase your mobility and enjoyment on the cheap, our gloves will be the perfect addition to your kit. The Darkfin Power Glove’s 70% increase in surface area is so effective, all that's required is to keep your hands at your side moving up and down in harmony with your feet, to noticeably improve propulsion. You’ll also appreciate how our 3-D molded design promotes a natural hand position that reduces fatigue and cramping. Our exclusive Cotton Flocked Finish provides an unmatched grip when wet, letting you manipulate cameras or other gear without having to worry about slippage. Our 3-D profile allows for full hand and finger dexterity far beyond what other gloves offer.

If you’re ready to snorkel longer, deeper, and with more enjoyment, checkout a pair of Darkfin Power Gloves and experience the difference.

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