Pump Up Your Paddling Power with Darkfins

How many times has it happened? You’re in the line up - mind focused, muscles primed, measuring the wave. You start to paddle, your strokes are clean, adrenaline starting to build. Just as your about to grab the wave - you miss it!

Every surfer wants a good ride, why else would you be surfing right? One of the most common problems - especially for those of us that aren’t professional surfers - is paddling well enough to get through the wave. It’s almost impossible to catch a decent ride if you can’t and to make things more frustrating, the more you’re fighting the waves and paddling, the quicker you’ll get gassed.

The good news is there’s any easy solution. Paddle harder! Bad news is you’ll need to paddle harder. So why not paddle smarter?

With enough practice and flawless form (and a little luck), most any surfer can catch the waves they want. After all, pros effortlessly do it all the time. What about the rest of us that can’t spend hours everyday in the surf? Darkfins.

We designed Darkfin Power Gloves to give surfers of all levels the maximum amount of paddle power possible. Sometimes, you can only paddle so much harder, so we engineered a 3-D Webbing Profile for Darkfin Gloves that increases the surface area of your hand by a massive 70%! No other webbed paddle glove offers you more thrust, propulsion, speed, or power. The best part? It’s variable! Keep your fingers tight and closed for a slight edge, open them up for maximum performance.

We’re not saying Darkfin Power Gloves will make you a better surfer, but used correctly and consistently; they will help your paddling. If you can reduce the time spent missing waves because of poor paddling, you’ll spend more time shredding the waves you do catch!

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