Bandz Industrial Strength Rubber Bands

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Darkfin Bandz

Industrial Strength Rubber Bands

These highly elastic latex rubber bands are the cuffs that we have cut from all our gloves, we found many uses for them at our manufacturing facility.

Now we are making them available to you for such a low cost you basically only pay shipping costs! 


Padded Envelope (We stuff a Priority Flat rate envelope with as many Bandz possible. (aprox 300 bands - weight 3.2lbs) 

Large Flat Rate Box (We pack a box with as many Bandz possible. (aprox 2000 bands - weight 20lbs)


Industrial Strength Rubber Bands that can be used over and over

  • Bundling
  • Plaster Molds
  • Clamping and binding
  • Glued Crafts
  • Furniture repair 
  • Art and Craft Supplies
  • Household Uses
  • Commercial Uses

Braid them together and make strong buggies for even more possible uses.

You will be amazed at the things you can Do! Here are a few things we ended up using them for:


  • Holding plaster molds together dunking storage and pouring.
  • Wrap around a hose to seal small leaks
  • Create a gripper to conquer stuck lids
  • Keep rolls of materials from unspooling
  • Improvise an impromptu wrist strap
  • Keep bags and packages sealed
  • Prevent your cutting board from slipping


Be advised this is A bi-product of Darkfin Gloves, therefore one of the edges will be natural and the other one will be a fine cut. If we took any time cutting the other edge off the price would have to be factored in. 


NOTE: All our products are handmade with plant based materials that are 100% biodegradable. Every Band might be slightly different than the next.  To extend the life of our rubber bands, store them in a Ziploc bag with some baby powder or our silicone spray. Please also note that if you leave or forget your bands under sunlight they will begin to decompose rapidly. 

1 Review

Elizabeth Ann Badorf Feb 2nd 2019

They worked much better than rubber bands

We cannot recommend this place highly enough. While in Dayton for a soccer tournament, we were in need of a new pair of soccer socks for a 6’4” player with size 13 shoes. The elastic in this players’ socks was shot. Walmart did not have any soccer socks that would fit, and the two other “sports stores” in Dayton that showed up on online searches had closed. In desperation, we called Darkfin Gloves which showed up as a “sports store” in Dayton. We figured the store did not sell soccer equipment, but decided to call anyway. Andrew, the owner, was fabulous and went out of his way to help us. After learning of our plight, and realizing the closest sports stores to Dayton were 1/2 hour drive away, he offered us a free package of “Darkfin Bandz” a bi-product of the Darkfin Gloves. The soccer player was able to use the bandz to hold up his socks during the game.

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