The Darkfin Webbed Glove Comparison

We don't just claim to make the most advanced, high-performance aquatic sporting glove on the market, we're happy to prove it! Whether you're using Darkfin Gloves for surfing, diving, swimming, or kayaking, we've designed our gloves to beat the competiion on every detail. Check out the table below and see the Darkfin difference.


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Natural 3-D Contour

Why it matters: Gloves produced with a natural, anatomically correct hand contour are less fatiguing and more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Only Darkfin Power Gloves are created from a natural, 3-D human hand mold.

Seamless Construction

Why it matters: Gloves constructed with seams that require adhesives or stitching are prone to premature wear and tear and accelerated failure. Darkfin Gloves are hand dipped in natural latex and feature no seams on the glove. Additionally, the rear webbing is Nano Cellular Bonded to the glove, a process which uses no adhesives of any kind.

Rear Web Design

Why it matters: Adhering the webbing to the rear of the glove creates the largest physical surface area possible, especially compared to placing it between the fingers. Only Darkfin Gloves feature a rear web design giving you an incredible 70% increase in surface area.

Full Finger & Hand Dexterity

Why it matters: Thick gloves restrict your ability to securely and confidently grasp objects, while manipulating delicate equipment is dramatically impaired. Darkfin Gloves feature an ultra thin, .9mil construction retaining maximum gloved tactile feedback.

Water Resistant

Why it matters: Gloves constructed of Neoprene will absorb water, increasing the weight of the glove, and accelerating hand and arm fatigue. Darkfin Gloves are made of 100% natural latex which is naturally water resistant.

Environmentally Friendly

Why it matters: The environmental impact of man-made materials, especially when lost or discarded, is substantial. No one wants to contribute to the sea of "beach trash" or "ocean trash" and only Darkfin Power Gloves are made from 100% natural latex, which is a completely biodegradable material.

12 Different Sizes

Why it matters: Gloves that don't fit properly create two different problems. Gloves that are too tight will constrict the hand causing muscle fatigue and discomfort. Gloves that are too loose will let water into the glove slowing down the hand with added weight. Most gloves only come in a few sizes, while Darkfin Gloves are available in an industry leading 12 sizes.