Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees

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The most comfortable and stable split-toe booties on the market!

You’ve never experienced a bootie with this combination of soft, supple feel, durability, and incredible grip performance. It’s like barefoot, but better! The Darkfin Split-Toe Bootee is built upon the same latex base as our industry leading Darkfin Power Gloves, sharing their legendary lightweight, “second skin” characteristics. While superficially similar to other split-toe booties on the market, there are a few key performance differences that set the Darkfin Split-Toe Water Bootee in a class by themselves:

Sure Grip Sole Technology
While other booties may have a textured sole, only Darkfin Split-Toe Booties have our exclusive Sure Grip Sole Technology. What makes Sure Grip Technology so much better? We have hand molded 100 individual grip nodules into the sole of our booties to deliver a wet grip that has to be experienced to be believed! Our Sure Grip Sole is so grippy, we’ve had surfers tell us they use dramatically less - or even NO - surf wax on their boards! Not ready to ditch the wax? No problem, Sure Grip Soles will work just as well with a waxed surface too.

Cotton Flocked Finish
Just like our Darkfin Power Gloves, the Split-Toe Bootee also features our innovative Cotton Flocked Finish applied to the entire surface of the bootee, including the Sure Grip Sole Nodules. The cotton fibers embed themselves in the latex - and when activated with water - allow for superb grip.

Seamless, One-Piece Design
Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees are created from a single hand-crafted mold so there are no seems, straps or Velcro to fail. Simply slip them on and you’re ready to go, no hassle and no fuss - and because there’s no structural weak points or apparatus to fail, you’ll spend less time adjusting and more time enjoying.

Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees are the ideal water shoe for surfing, scuba diving, SUP, kayaking, or just exploring a river or stream on your next camping trip. Available in a variety of both men’s and women’s sizes. This Water Bootee, like other great products made by Black Lagoon,  this Bootee is made in USA



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Brian H Mar 31st 2016

Way too small

So... I got the largest size they had, and while I have worn a size 13 in the not too distant past, I am currently wearing a size 14EE and I knew a bit of stretching was going to be in order. This is the first thing that makes me sad.. the lack of larger sizes in all DarkFin products. However.. when the size 11-12 arrived, from what I could tell, they wouldn't even fit a size 10 without some decent stretching.. I do know from experience that the XXL Gloves will stretch a bit and after a few wearings, they accommodate my XXXL (wide, not long) hands without undue discomfort. With strategic pulling, I managed to stretch the 2"+ distance to get over my heal. That wasn't too tight actually, but after a couple hours of wearing, it became evident that the right foot had a few pinch points. One was cutting the circulation of the big toe, and another was pressing on the tip of the next digit over, making a slowly growing pain there as well. The dimples on the bottom ended up sacrificing themselves to the fantastic stretching, and disappeared completely while being worn. I guess the only point I have to make here, is this. When ordering any of the DarkFin products, assume that their sizes run 1 to 2 sizes smaller than what you would normally find. XXL is like a L on me, and a size 11-12 is a 9-10 without extra stretching.

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