Darkfin Durafins

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Durafin (formerly Thermalfin) PLEASE NOTE: Go up one size from your normal size or the size charts

The toughest, most extreme paddle glove we offer!

Take everything ground-breaking about our standard Darkfin Power Glove and ratchet it up a few notches and you have the Durafin. More durability, more protection, and enhanced thermal insulation make this the ideal choice for the most demanding environments. Durafins are particularly well-suited to river boarding, spearfishing, bugging and wreck diving, where the balance between propulsion, dexterity, and protection must be considered. There are a few key differences that make the Durafin a separate design of its own:

Multi-Layered Construction
The biggest difference between our standard Darkfin Power Glove and the Durafin Power Glove is in the construction. We start with a standard, .9mill natural latex base layer, add a second .9mil latex layer from the wrist up only, and then coat it with a third micro thin layer of latex infused with fine cotton fiber! This triple layer process produces a Darkfin glove with excellent environmental resistance characteristics (including colder temps), while still allowing for maximum grip and overall manual dexterity.

Extended Gauntlet Design
Durafin Power Gloves were designed from the ground up to be used in conjunction with a wetsuit. For enhanced wetsuit compatibility and performance, we gave the Durafin an elongated gauntlet to facilitate a maximum seal under the sleeve of your wetsuit. Not using a wetsuit? you’ll appreciate the added wrist and arm protection the Durafin provides. 

Just like our Darkfin Power Gloves, the Durafin is also offered in a wide variety of sizes for best fit and performance. If you’re already using Darkfin Power Gloves, we suggest ordering one size larger than your current glove. Like other great products made by Black Lagoon, this glove is Made in USA

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Additional Info

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